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Vabank Tartu

Searching for best nightclub in Tartu city? Look no further!

Vabank Club is the vault of Your best parties.

Vabank Club is a nightclub located in the heart of Tartu that offers high quality entertainment for all of its quests to enjoy. The former bank building carries an exclusive, modern touch. Rich selection of drinks and great music will make you dance til the morning!

The club has two party rooms with different atmospheres and music styles so every guest can pick the party they prefer. In addition to great dance music, the club also offers high quality, varied live performances from local and international artists.

To have an unforgettable party experience, you need your favourite people around you. Book a table at the club for a night of fun, guaranteeing a haven for you and your group where everything you need is provided for. Delightful table service, a dance floor, and music!

Best nightclub in Tartu – Vabank Tartu